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40 Burgundy Wedding Ideas for Fall and Winter Weddings

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Burgundy is a fantastic color for fall and winter weddings, so if you’ve chosen it – enjoy our roundup! Dress your bridesmaids in burgundy, they’ll look so contrasting with you in white! Order a bouquet with burgundy flowers, a boutonniere and a tie in the same color for your groom – so elegant! To speak about décor – just don’t be excessive as burgundy looks very classical and dark, and for a more refreshing and bold look combine it with grey, gold, green or ivory, just add some bright burgundy accents and flowers and you’ll get a perfect look. Get inspired by adorable ideas below!

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

fall wedding color ideas -burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Burgundy Wedding Bouquets

burgundy fall wedding bouquet and flowers

Burgundy Wedding Centerpieces

burgundy fall wedding centerpiece decor ideas

Burgundy Wedding Arches

burgundy fall wedding arch and backdrop ideas

Burgundy Wedding Cakes

fall burgundy wedding cake ideas