30 Chic Aloha Tropical Bridal Shower Ideas

Aloha themed bridal shower idea

Get ready for gorgeous, tropical bridal shower bliss! Tropical bridal showers are so bold, cool and relaxed that all your gals will love it! Pink, yellow, mint, fuchsia, orange and all other colors you love can be incorporated into your shower decor. Palm leaves can be used for many purposes: for writing menus, as placemats, for centerpieces, for decorating the tables and the dessert and drink bars.
If you’re ready to tackle this bridal theme, do so with these 30 tassel ideas.

Malibu Barbie bridal shower hosted by the Show Me Your Mumu girls tropical bridal shower invitation Tropical Bridal Shower Pineapple fun bridal shower card Aloha themed bridal shower cupcakes

Palm Fronds and Bon Bons Dinner Party Tropical bridal shower dinner with fun flavored popsicles tropical bridal shower drinks
Tropical macarons for wedding place cards Pineapple vase of flowers Tropical Bridal Shower Table Decor Tropical Pineapple vases bridal shower cenetrpiece Bright Boho tropical bridal shower drink bar decor Hot Pink Tropical Bridal Shower Centerpiece Hot Pink Tropical Bridal Shower Table Decor
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tropical bridal shower centerpiece decor tropical bridal shower cake table decor tropical bridal shower drink bar Tropical pastel bridal shower DIY Palm Leaf Balloons Decoupage Luau Tropical Party Balloons Bright pink tropical bridal shower decor aloha themed bridal shower ideas Aloha Tropical Themed Bridal Shower Bright Boho tropical bridal shower decor Malibu-Barbie-Themed Bridal Shower hot pink napkins against the leafy greens Ameliste Tropical Party Tropical Bridal Shower