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25 Fun Creative Wedding Exit Send Off Ideas

wedding exit send off ideas

Throwing rice at the newlyweds is an old and merry tradition but what if you don’t want rice? Get some creative alternatives! Flower petals and greenery are a great romantic and eco-friendly idea for any wedding, choose silk or real petals and the color that matches your wedding color scheme. If it’s a fall wedding, just pick some bold autumn leaves to use for toss. Need some glitter? Take confetti, pompoms or sequins, they look very bold, especially oversized ones.

If your venue won’t allow guests to toss anything, don’t fret! You can attach fabric or ribbons to long, thin dowels, for waving in the breeze, prepare faux snow for using as toss, it’ll look gorgeous in the pics. Get more adorable ideas below and happy pinning!

glitter wedding exit toss
Source: Aisle Perfect
rose petal wedding toss
Source: southern weddings
White LED Balloons Send Off
Source: Weddingbells
lavender weddng confetti
Photographer: Joyeuse Photography via Bridal Guide
Bubbles Wedding Send-Off Ideas
Source: Johnny Fenn
balloon wedding send off
Source: lionsgate center
Lavender for guests to toss
Photographer: Marianne Taylor Photography via Style Me Pretty
Flower confetti wedding toss
Photographer: Nina Claire Photography via Rock n Roll Bride
Custom-stamped Lavender Bag for Wedding Toss
Source: woman getting married
home-made confetti, cones and sign
Source: wedding ideas mag
Lace doily confetti cones pegged to a wooden frame
Source: Rock My Wedding
flower petal confetti
Source: Ruffled
confetti, sprinkles, or glitter wedding toss
Photographer: Isabelle Selby Photography via Ruffled
Fireworks and Sparklers Wedding Send Off
Source: bridal musings
Leaf Confetti Toss Use leaves as a natural, eco-friendly confetti wedding exit
Source: Style Me Pretty
Lavender Wedding Toss

Potpourri to toss when bride and groom exit
Source: thedomesticlady
natural dried delphinium petals or coloured rose petals confetti wedding toss
Source: Rock My Wedding
Add a dash of fun and flair to your exit with ribbon wands waving through the air in your wedding colors
Photographer: Katelyn James Photography via Style Me Pretty
bubbles floating in the air wedding toss
Source: Intimate Weddings
wedding streamers for exit
Source: Etsy – craftupyourlife
wedding glitter colorful push pop confetti
Source: brika
ribbon wands for a wedding exit
Source: pinterest
Lavender wedding toss confetti
Source: 100 Layer Cake
doily lace confetti cones
Source: french wedding style

wedding exit confetti moss send off ideas

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