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Wedding Catering Trends: Top 8 Wedding Dessert Table Bar Ideas

wedding dessert bar idea

Yes, the dessert bar is one of the most beautiful parts of the wedding for the family members (especially for a food lover like me). You can make delicious cakes and dessert item with the yummy creams. Today, I will share you top 8 wedding dessert bar ideas that you can try in 2022. More about dessert bar ideas:

Gelato Ice Cream Bar

The gelato bar is perfect for a warm-weather wedding, it allowed guests to sample homemade flavors like chocolate-mint and lemon.

gelato ice cream wedding dessert food bar ideas
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S’mores Bar

This is a timeless idea that will never go out of style because we can’t live without s’mores – not only in the fall or winter, they are always actual.

Rustic S'mores wedding dessert food bar for wedding reception
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6 Creative and Easy S'mores Variations Infographic
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Pretzel Bar

This is a new and fresh idea that is gaining popularity now, it’s unusual and many guests will like it a lot comparing to usual pizza or slider bars.

Rustic pretzel wedding dessert food bar for wedding reception
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Pie Bar

Pie pair perfectly with weddings, but it’s also one of the most seasonal foods around.

Pie wedding dessert food bar ideas for wedding reception
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