27 Amazing Wedding Cake Display & Dessert Table Ideas

Whether you’ve chosen one or several wedding cakes, displaying them to advantage is an important point for wedding decor, especially if you are going to organize a sweets bar. You can place the cake on a glass table and add flowers or candles, make a floral arch behind your cake, or accentuate it with lights. If you have multiple cakes, you can place them on a stand one above another, put them on branches of a big tree piece, or even hang one above another.
I also love using vintage bookshelves, dressers and niches in the walls for displaying cakes, it looks very creative and won’t cost a pretty penny. Love is sweet, remind every your guest of it!

Rustic Tree Stump

Woodland wedding cake donut wedding display

rustic country wedding cupcake with tree stump stand

woodsy log wedding cake table decor

Country Wine Barrel

shabby chic wine barrels wedding dessert table ideas

Vintage Table

DIY Cart

old farm wagon wedding cake table
Source: lemons prinkle events
old farm equipment used as cake table
Photographer: Stacy Able Photography

Chic Outdoor Garden

DIY Backdrop