20 Spring/Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas That Are Positively Swoon-Worthy

From braids, to waterfall inspired hairstyles. Bridal hairstyles for spring 2016 are more modern than ever, and truly offer each bride-to-be styles that are unique, personal and one of a kind.
As the seasons move from winter to more warmer climate based weddings, we immediately see an increase of not only seasonal appropriate bridal styles, but looks that are more playful, carefree and of course floral based. From floral accents being placed in the hair, to trendy side braids, and ponytails. The spring and summer bride can always look forward to styles that aren’t as rigid or a classic as a fall or winter bride.
Need some inspiration for your upcoming spring / summer 2016 wedding? Look below to get started.

long braid wedding hairstyles for long hair

messy twisted braid wedding hairstyle low wedding updo hairstyle with green leaf Messy summer bridal braid bridal hairstyle boho wedding hairstyle idea with wildflowers boho Stylish wedding hairstyle idea
braided updo wedding hairstyle with lavender Chic Vintage Wedding Hairstyles chic wedding hairstyle idea
classic updo wedding hairstyle Elegant and Classic Bridal Wedding Hairstyles braided bun wedding hairstyle for long hair Braided bun bridal hairstyle for long hair braid wedding hairstyles for long hair elegant wedding updo hairstyle with pearl headpiece fishtail braided topknot wedding hairstyle and a pink lip
flower accented wedding hair french braided wedding updo hairstyle for long hair simple wedding hairstyle with lavender floral crown
soft wedding updo with a floral crown spring summer long bridal wedding hairstyles