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20 Creative Rustic Wooden Wedding Guest Books from Etsy

Heart drop box wedding guest book alternative1

Yes, the guest book is a record of all the friends and family who attended your wedding, why not opt for a fresh take on a wedding tradition and go for a creative guest book alternative? Whether you and your partner are movie lover, globetrotters or avid readers, let your personalities shine through with a unique guest book alternative.

These 20 guest book alternatives from Etsy will become treasured mementos from your wedding day:

Wood Slices Wedding Guestbook Alternative
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Wedding Guest book made from Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head
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Tree Wood wedding guest book
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Rustic tree stump guest book and sign set
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Rustic Wood Wedding Guest Book Ideas
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Rustic Giant wood slice wedding guest book
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Memory Sculpture Natural Fall Leaves Wedding Guest Book
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Drop White Transparent Wedding Guest Book
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Heart drop box wedding guest book alternative
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Wedding Guest Book Alternative
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