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35 Rustic Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

Planning a backyard soiree? Let’s see how to decorate it! We’ve already told you how to organize a backyard wedding reception, now have a look what to add. Use the trees around for decor: hang photos, lights and signs. If you have a pool, make beautiful flower wreaths and put theminto the water.
Torches and lanterns are great for lighting and aisle decor; bring vintage furniture to arrange dessert and drink bars. Wanna get more creative?
Put a boat in your yard, then ice cubes and drinks right there! Look at the ideas below and choose the best for you!

rustic backyard tented wedding reception decor ideas
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Backyard Wedding family photo tree
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Hip backyard wedding decor

backyard wedding reception ideas

simple wedding buffet for backyard wedding
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Share your key to success backyard wedding sign

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rustic babys breath centerpiece
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Customized cornhole for rustic backyard wedding

DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding Signs out of reclaimed wood
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rustic country backyard wedding decor ideas