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Top 5 Purple Wedding Color Combos for 2022

purple shades bridesmaid dresses

Decided on your wedding colors yet? Purple, a crowd favorite wedding color, is getting the spotlight today for the most recent dose of wedding color combinations! It has a lot of hues under its belt, such as lavender, lilac, plum, mauve, and violet, to name a few. But all of them scream elegance and are all fit to have a spot in your wedding’s color scheme. We know it can get confusing (there are so many options, guys!), so we’re here to help! If you’re having trouble deciding, or you had purple in mind, then this is definitely for you. Check out the fun color schemes below!

Dusty Rose + Lavender + Greenery

lavender purple, dusty rose and greenery wedding color ideas

Plum + Gold

plum purple and gold wedding color ideas

Mauve + Greenery

mauve and greenery wedding color ideas

Plum + Lavender + Greenery

plum lavender and greenery wedding color ideas


lilac purple spring summer wedding color ideas