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We Love: Laser Cut Wedding Invitations @4lovepolkadots

We just fell in love with laser cut wedding trend. It’s very elegant and sophisticated. Laser cut designs make a beautiful wedding decor. You can incorporate them into your wedding with laser cut lace invitations, use it in your wedding dress or any other detail. 4lovepolkadots have prepared a lot of new designs for brides in many color combinations. Beautifully laser cut lace cover, envelope liner and edges of inserts make the invitations unique and add the romantic charm ! Each invitation is made from the best quality papers with extreme care to the smallest details. Invitations can be completely customized to match your wedding theme.
Make your wedding stand out with gorgeous Wedding Invitations from 4lovepolkadots!
Find your perfect design !

Ivory kraft paper laser cut lace rustic wedding invitations 01lCNz

—–>> Order style 01/lCN/z here.
Ivory kraft paper laser cut lace rustic wedding invitations 02lCNz
—–>> Order style 02/lCN/z here.
Peach Laser cut vintage wedding invitatons 01lCNz
—–>> Order style 09/LuctGG/z here.Ivory kraft paper laser cut rustic wedding invitations 01LuctCz
—–>> Order style 01/LuctC/z and red laser cut wedding invitations 01gnlaserz
—–>> Order style 01/gnlaser/z here.
pink laser cut wedding invitations 08LuctGGz

—–>> Order style 10/LuctGG/z here.Laser cut kraft paper rustic wedding invitations 07LuctCz
—–>> Order style 07/LuctC/z here.