20 Impossibly Romantic Floating Wedding Centerpieces

[tps_header]Floating Wedding Centerpieces

What’s not to love about floating candles, flowers or pearls?  Whether used as centerpieces or as accent decor, the look is fresh and modern.  Floaters can be used to create an elegant or rustic look depending on the type of glass containers used. If you plan to DIY parts of your wedding, incorporating floaters is simple, less expensive then flower centerpieces, even if using flowers in the water and not very time consuming.
Take a look at these beauties we’ve rounded up.[/tps_header]

Varying glass cylinders filled with floating candles and submerged flowers
Source: wessence
Tulips floating wedding centerpiece
Photographer: Gerber & Scarpelli
submerged flowers with floating candles
Source: weddings romantique
white candles wedding centerpiece
Photographer: A La Vie Photography via Barr Mansion
floating roses wedding centerpiece
Source: Archzine
Fall Floating Wedding Centerpiece
Source: theknot
Flower Wreath, Floating Candle Centerpieces
Source: theknot
Cylinder Themed Centerpieces with Candle
Source: theknot
Cherry Blossom Floral Design Floating Wedding Centerpiece
Photographer: Chloe Atnip Photography via sevenstemsblog
Floating Candle Centerpieces With Gold and White Pearls
Source: theknot