40 Anemone Wedding Ideas (Bouquets, Cakes and Invitations)

[tps_header]One of my favorite wedding flower choices – the anemone. I love the striking contrast in color between the petals and the center of the flower. They make especially beautiful bouquets, and are becoming very popular adorning a vintage inspired wedding cake. Because of their unique beauty, you can even make your entire wedding theme around them, incorporating them into your wedding invitations, save-the-dates, hair accessories, jewelry, and fresh flower bouquets and centerpieces.
Anemones are available in the fall through spring in white, red, purple, and pink. Anemone come from the greek word “windflower”. Thought to bring luck and protection, legend has it that when an anemone closes it’s petals, it is a good sign that rain may be approaching. Other mythologies believe that magical fairies slept under the petals when they closed at sunset. Because of these prophetic tales, anemones represent anticipation.[/tps_header]

Get inspired by the anemone wedding ideas that I’ve prepared for you below!

Anemone Wedding Bouquets

pastel cream and pink anemone wedding bouquet

anemone bouquet and blush wedding dress anemones pink peony wedding flower bouquet
white anemone and gypsophila rustic wedding bouquetdusty blue bridesmaid bouquet with anemones
blue anemone wedding flower bouquet,Red anemone bridal bouquetWhite Anemone Bouquet for a Destination Weddinghydrangeas feverfew ranunculus and pink anemones bouquetBlack and White Anemone Wedding Bouquet IdeasWhite anemones wedding bouquetWinter wedding bouquet- Blue Gray and Silver Anemone BouquetAnemones flower white and navy boutonnieres

Anemones Wedding Cakes

Blush and blue wedding cake mint and white anemones wedding cakewhite and blue anemone wedding cake with rufflesemerald and white wedding cake with anemonesOmbre purple and yellow wedding cake with anemonesblack and white wedding cake with anemone flowers bouquetgold and white wedding cake with anemone