30 Chair Decor Ideas With Florals for Spring/Summer Weddings

[tps_header]Spring and Summer are time of flowers and floral decor is right what we need to feel fresh and happy. We always think about centerpieces, arches, table settings but what about smaller details like chair decor? Choose the same flowers to decorate the chairs – it’s a cool idea to continue the wedding theme and colors and enjoy the lush. Add the decorations you like – draperies, mason jars, burlap, lace, ribbon – everything you like, even signs or wreaths.
Here are some very beautiful chair décor ideas to inspire you, choose the pictures you like and share them on Pinterest.[/tps_header]

bride and groom chairs with lots of flower

Floral covered bride and groom chairs Floral wreath on wedding chair Carnation wedding chair decor Sweetheart chairs wedding ideas pink floral wreath wedding chair decor
silver wedding chair with lots of flowers rustic garden pink flowers wedding chair decor Organic green wedding chair decor
spring wedding chair with green and pink flowers decor Greenery Garland with Flowers for Chairs Funky teal wedding chairs Rose-Decorated Iron Cafe Wedding Chairs orange flowers wedding chair Olive branch stems, roses and soft pink ribbon Olive branch and peony sweetheart chairs
Hanging greens wedding chair decor rustic baby's breath' flowers wedding chair decor
Elegant floral-adorned wedding chair with flowers
flower accented wedding chair Bride & Groom chairs with tulle and flowers Fall wreath seat sign bride and groom chairs with garland and peach flowers Baby's breath wreath for the bride's chair Deep red florals adorning the wedding chairs black and white wedding floral chair decor ideas

Source: StyleMePretty

floral wedding chair decor ideas