20 Pretty Engagement Rings that WOW!

Have you decided what type of engagement ring you prefer? Today I’m going to share some of my favorite ideas that really inspire and make you dream of most of them if you haven’t got one yet. There are round, square, oval, pear-shaped, even heart-shaped rings – every girl will find a shape to her taste. There are solitaire rings, rings with several diamonds but I must admit that I’m a fan of gem rings with sapphires or emeralds and a stunning chain of little diamonds – that’s breathtaking!
Pearls are very girly, so if you don’t want a diamond, you can go for a pearl or several pearls. Vintage and retro, minimal and creative – every girl will find her own eye-candy below, get inspired!

Light Emerald wedding rings

Emerald diamond engagement ring Aquamarine diamond vintage engagement ring pink diamond engagement ring for women vintage red diamond wedding ring deep red and white with gold ring
vintage yellow diamond wedding ring Peach sapphire diamond engagement ring Peach diamond engagement ring
Canary Diamond engagement ring for her Green Amethyst with Gold Engagement Ring Pear shaped engagement ring ideas Opaque Gray Diamond Ring for Wedding Champagne Diamond Sapphire Engagement ring Pearl & white opal engagement ring ideas blue diamond wedding rings
Blue Sapphire and gold engagement ring purple diamond wedding rings Aquamarine Pear shaped engagement ring ideas
Lapis Lazuli wedding rings

Source: SMP

vintage wedding rings & engagement rings with diamons