52 Yummy and Creative Signature Wedding Drinks

Weddings are wonderful events where many parties, showers, and receptions call for a few elegant drinks.  Some couples like to personalize their wedding drink menu by creating a few signature drinks.
Well thought out drinks that match the couple’s personalities, wedding themes and colors are always great starters to welcome the guests.
Try matching your wedding drinks to your decoration, flowers, and colors, you will be amazed how beautiful the effects can be.  See our signature wedding drinks collection below and start brainstorming for your own wedding drink menu!

Source: Pinterest


Blueberry Mojitos Wedding Drink Ideas for Outdoor Weddingchalkboard labeled red wine drinks at wedding reception easy drink stations-icedtead water anf lemonadelavender lemonade drink dispenser for outdoor garden wedding Lemonade Bachelorette Party Drink Recipes lemonade marvelous drink for rustic garden weddinglemonade wedding drink ideas for wedding ceremonylemonade with small mason jars as drinking glass and wedding favorPeaches wedding drink pink lemonade wedding drink for thrifty woodland weddingrustic wedding ideas-cute display of different lemonades for party or wedding with stump as base Sweet Tea and Lemonade Marvelous Drink for Weddingtwine with labels pitcher drink ideas for wedding reception vintage drink dispenser for rustic lace weddingvodka lemonade with recipe

Fruity Drinks

Blackberry Thyme Cocktail for Summer WeddingsBourbon Peach Smash Cocktail for Navy Blue Wedding Classic Champagne Flutes and Strawberries Wedding DrinksDiy fruit wedding drink favors with mason jar parkling Rosemary PalomaSignature Cocktails with Raspberrypurple rock candy wedding drinksRaspberry-Rhubarb Bellini Smoothie Blueberries  signature wedding drinks with fruitysignature wedding drinks with raspberrySkinny blueberry Signature Wedding Cocktails sparkling pink lemonade wedidng cocktails drink for classic peach weddingstrawberry wedding cockatils drink for vintage weddingWedding Cocktail Bar with Free Printable Table Sign and Drink Ticketswedding drink ideas-raspberries and sparkling sunlightBlackberry Thyme Sparkler Wedding Drink Ideas

Floral and Greens

Blush champagne with lavendercoral cocktails with mint leafblush wedding drink with flower for secret garden weddingLavender Margarita Wedding Drinkwedding signature drinks with floral and green